About Laura

Hey there. Welcome to Complete SEO Online. I’m Laura Lynch and I’ve been building my online business for four years. During that time, I’ve learned what it takes to be successful online. I am now a full-time digital content creator and consultant with five of my own successful websites. I have also written two very successful SEO guides for bloggers.


I’ve been building my online business since 2014, when I launched my travel blog. I decided to start a travel blog for two reasons: I love traveling and wanted to be able to do more of it, rather than be slave to my full-time job that offered very little vacation time. But most of all, Nick and I wanted to pursue our dream of living abroad, and I knew that we couldn’t do it without my income, which I would have to give up if we moved. The best option I could think of to merge my two biggest goals was to start a travel blog.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure it would work out in the beginning. A blog of any kind is hard work, long hours and is often unpaid until you can build up a strong audience and gain some real traction. It took me the better part of 2 years to figure it out. But the good news is – I DID. I was able to quit my job in 2016 and Nick & I moved to London!

Yes, it’s a success story! And one that I want to share with others who are looking for a way out of their dead-end job and lifeless life. But, it wasn’t without a lot of struggle, perseverance and patience, most of which was because I did it alone. I taught myself everything I know, and it wasn’t easy.

That’s why I started this website — to share with you what I’ve learned and to help you find success, the way I have.